Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Changing the Speed sensor in a 05 Kia Sedona

Hello out there. Recently I was in need of some direction on how to replace the Input and Output speed sensors on my 2005 Kia Sedona. After a significant time scouring the internet I was only able to come up with the information that they were both on the transmission. Well Duh of course they. Taking the approximate location from what I could find I went to it. Here are some pictures on how I went about doing this. I hope these help other who are trying to get these taken care of as well.  

1) First thing that we need to do is remove the air filter housing. Everything will be located under this. There are four bolts that must be removed to take the top off. I have pulled out the first one in this picture. There is also a clamp holding at hose coming off of the housing. This will need to be undone as well.

2) Now you will need to loosen the clamp holding the top half of the housing on. This is located above the back bolt. Once this removed you can get in to the air filter. I would say that this is a good time to check that and possibly replace if needed.

3) There are 3 nuts and 1 clamp holding on the bottom half of the housing. These are a 12mm bolt If I remember correctly. The shot on the right is of the two nuts in the back. On the left are the two from the back removed and the location of the third in the front of the housing. The clap that needs to be undone is under my fat hand. Once everything is unbolted I pulled up the housing starting from the side nearest the fire wall. This helped is slip right out.

4) I found that it would be much easier if I removed the hose that was attached to the top half of the housing. There is a sensor that needs to be unplugged (a). A Clamp that will need to be loosened (b). and a small vacuum house that will need to be un clamped as well (c). Now it should just be able to slide right out.

5) Now that the housing for the air filter has been removed we can see the location of where the sensors are. I have labeled them in the picture. I found a lot of information saying that the input was on  the back side of the transmission close to the fire wall and that it would be easiest to get at it from under the car. This was not the case for me. I am not sure if that was changed for a different year or model but both of mine were on top of the tranny.

6) Before taking out the sensor I would make the suggestion to clean out the part of your engine compartment where the sensors are. You do not want any small debris falling into your transmission. I just used a shop vac for this. Now just unbolt and slide out the old output sensor. I believe that I used a 10mm size socket to remove the bolt. Then you are able to unplug the cable. To install just reverse the process. There may be a slight amount of resistance when sliding the new sensor in as the o-ring that is on the sensor will need to slide down in to keep the tranny fluid in.

7) The Input sensor is a little more sneaky. It is hiding under a plate that needs to be slide to the side. There are This picture is looking at it from the driver's side of the car. I have removed to the two bolts that were hold it down.

8) Once they are removed you can turn and slide the plate out of the way. This will grant you access to the bolt holding the sensor in. Just unbolt and slide the old sensor out. I use a reaching tool to help pull out and place my bolts that way I don't drop them down into the engine compartment.

Now you can slide the new sensor in. Remember that there may be some resistance as the o-ring needs to slide down in and seal around the sensor to keep the fluid in. Replace your bolt and tighten down.

9) Now you can work backwards and put everything where it goes.

This is a very easy project that someone with very limited skills can perform. All in all I would say that it should take you about 30-40 min to get this done. I got my sensors online for $50 for the pair. I am sure that they also sell them at local auto stores. If you do buy online make sure to check out the seller to know who you are buying from.

Good luck
~ MadMek


Aubrey said...

Very detailed and very helpful! Perfect pictures. love the arrows!

SWK Sensors said...

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Alan Randolf said...

Great share, i feel very troubled regarding speed sensors methodology, Thanks for heads up!

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James Bingham said...

Thank you for the great pics and detailed info.

Owen Teo said...

I could not find this sensor for the life of me,You saved me a bunch of money on this sensor, thanks a bunch.

Amanda Kaylor said...

Im not very informed about cars... but is this the sensor that controls when the van shifts gears? I have a 2004 Sadona and I have been told the transmission sensor is out. Not sure if this is what they ment.. Thanks....

Larry Geus said...

Good info. Great pics. Thank you.

Stel Stefan said...

Great pics and detailed info.You saved me time searching on the net and money. Thank you

Stravinsky14 said...

Thanks so much. I've been looking everywhere for a detailed explanation like this. I needed to know how to refill the transmission and it needs to be done through the speed sensor. Had no idea where this was, til now! Thanks for taking the time to share :)

Donna Lee Schillinger said...

Bless you!

Unknown said...

this sounds good . wish me luck and thanks .......goood pics

Luis Amareleja said...

What is the part number of the sensors?

Chris Lusher said...

Great instructions and pictures. There's slight variation to the pictures for a 2007 Kia Sedona, but overall the same instructions. I purchased Dorman RB917606 and RB917607 for the transmission output and input speed sensors.

Victor Lebron said...

Hey man thanks and God bless you; you saved me 180 dollars and I used the money to feed my children and buy new tools that I needed for the job and future jobs; all together I know you will receive blessings from above!

Thanks again

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